Equity Release Calculator

Calculate your maximum release!

If you are thinking about using an equity release scheme as a retirement tool, the first question you are likely to ask is how much money you’ll be eligible to receive. Knowing how much you can borrow will essentially drive each of your your subsequent decisions.

We offer an independent calculator that can display and compare all of the equity release schemes available in the marketplace. The calculator will show you the maximum amount that you are able to borrow, individually assessed based on your age.

The equity release calculator is free to use. You are also under no obligations to choose one of he products displayed to you. You can simply check what you might be able to borrow with no pressure to purchase anything. Keep in mind that the amount you are eligible to borrow through equity release depends on several factors including your property valuation, the age of you or the youngest borrower if borrowing jointly, and any outstanding mortgage or loan balance.

Your health will also play a factor in determining how much you will be able to borrow. If you are in poor health, you are likely to be eligible for a bigger loan. This is made possible through various enhanced products. This is because if you are in poor health or live a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, your life expectancy is lower. With the help of our calculator, you can see what you can borrow and the maximum release available to you. You should use this information as one piece of the puzzle in your decision-making process.

Once you receive information via our calculator, we are also here to help you make the right decisions. This applies whether the maximum amount shown to you is sufficient or not. If it is sufficient, we can help you make the best decisions. If it is not, we can talk to you about other potential options. There are absolutely no obligations to move forward on our advice. You can simply use it to learn more about what might be available to you. It is crucial to get information on the products after learning your maximum amount so that you are sure you know the advantages, disadvantages, and features of each product shown to you.