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Can an Equity Release Calculator Show Enhanced Equity Release Results?

The money you can attain by using equity release is a tax free sum. It can be used on any number of expenses during your retirement. You might use it to pay off your debts, repay a mortgage, or take that once in a lifetime holiday around the world. How you use it is of little concern to the equity release company. They are more interested in their profit based on your ability to repay t…

Equity Release UK is Becoming Increasing Popular Amongst the Over 55s

Equity release UK is becoming more popular and this can be owed to many reasons, especially the up and coming lifestyles of the over 55s. Equity release is the process where you are able to release money that would otherwise be tied up in your home. The main ways to release equity are through a lifetime mortgage or a home reversion.

Reasons for Popularity
Equity release in the UK is becoming…

How to Improve Post Retirement Finances by Using Equity Release Schemes

If you are 55 or older, of retirement age, and you are considering options to increase your finances then equity release is an interesting option to consider. You might be asking yourself, though, how does equity release work? Well, here is a basic idea of how it works.

Equity release schemes are plans that allow you to raise money from your current home by releasing some or all of the equity. is an independent marketing website which acts as an introducer to “whole of market” companies that will offer independent equity release advice. These companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Previously the FSA). Information provided is based on lifetime mortgage UK and home reversion UK plans. To understand the features and risks of equity release schemes please ask for a personalised illustration.